Monday, August 22, 2011

Speech at Matt's Funeral

Sometimes there are people in this world that shine and sparkle. A shine and sparkle that you can’t buy, that you can’t make, but it’s imprinted on your character at birth. Matt was one of these people. As I recall memories with Matt there is such softness and a true genuine fondness that is unparalleled. Matt is my brother and is friend. One of Matt’s favorite quotes is “Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.” It hurts that I will never be able to hear your laugh anymore. It hurts that I won’t hear your smart ass remarks. It hurts that I will never have another adventure with you. While on this Earth Matt you enriched my life in a way I never thought possible. You introduced me to practically every friend I have in Westbrook. Your soul had a depth which that is unquestionable and an intelligence that was magnificent. Your personality was infectious in the best of ways. The only solace that I have is through this all is that the memories of you will be forever guarded in my heart. I am a better person for have known you. I believe that with all my heart.

I dont want to forget it so I decided to post it here.

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  1. Wow Tony, you write so beautifully, you know you got that from me! I know your friend's passing has affected you profoundly, but just know & try to understand that everything happens for a reason & although it might seem senseless @ the time of the occurence it will make sense when God is ready to reveal his plan for you, to you. I love you very much & am so proud of you I cant even put it into words. Oh & thank you for helping me set up my blog I hope you visit it & become a member.
    Love your pseudo Mami: Auntie Delilah!