Wednesday, April 6, 2011

In Defense of a Status

This entry is a complete defense in my posting of my status last night. My status read, “Depression is such a serious thing. My brother attempted suicide last night. Prayers for him and the fam would be highly appreciated.” There were several comments made to the effect of how could I post such a private matter. “Ant my man not something you put up on here” “everything ain't for facebook...... it's called a private family matter !!!” “Your mom and dad said they didnt want all the family knowing and asked if u would please remove the post.”
I think it’s interesting that so often we post the most trivial of things on facebook. When it comes to something of importance or using facebook as a great tool of communication we fail in numerous regards. I asked for prayer for my brother and my family on a matter that affects a great deal of people. I asked for my friends and family on facebook for prayer. I was told this is such a private matter or a matter for the family. I laugh at that because if the family was a true family would we have allowed this to happen. Would we all have allowed for the chickens to come home roost to use a euphemism? I know it’s purely speculation on my part but it is my right to speculate. Why must we all act like we are protecting my brother?
The family doesn’t really care about my brother they care about their own damn representation of looking like a family. Why the hell would I want something like this kept internally with a family riddled with personal problem, a family that doesn’t know how to be a family except for in times of crisis. Be a family at all times. Is that really asking for too much? I want people to know. I want people to send their prayers and love to my family because the lack of prayer and love that goes on in my family is ridiculous. I don’t really think that highly of my parents that’s no secret. What I am trying to realize is that well they are going to do what best serves their interests and I have to act according to what best serves God interests and then decide how to act accordingly. It’s not easy especially since I have this deep deep desire to put everyone on blast.
My whole point is that instead of looking at this positively my family chose to look at this negatively. They didn’t see the love and prayers. I have received messages saying how they are holding my family up with hope love and prayer. Prayer works. I have seen it work in people’s lives. Prayer is powerful. My pastor said sometimes all you can do is pray and praying sometimes can be the best thing you can do. My friend message me this, “The best thing for him to do is to get help, not only secular but spiritual.” Who would think a social media site like fb could actually be used for that kind of good. These are people who don’t know my brother from a stranger on the street and they are praying for him they are sending him love. I laugh when people tell me it’s a private thing. If I could make people aware and care for a stranger and pray for another person then why the hell not? Why the hell not? Maybe if more people were willing to put there selves out there to receive to the support they truly need we could have possibly avoided this whole situation. Pray Pray Pray.

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