Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Men’s Conference was phenomenal. There were a lot of great things that I was able to hear there and it definitely was a great start to my week. I was able to hear some very powerful testimonies and it just helps reaffirm my faith when you see what others have gone through. Three talks we heard were just so powerful. The first was about how we should say behind our pastor but yet examine everything. Also to keep our minds and eyes guarded. The second talk was about how we need to finish the Christian life just how we started it…on FIRE! The last talk was the most powerful and about the family. The pastor said all societies issues can relate back to the destruction of the family. He discussed how the devil will do everything in his power to destroy the family. “He doesn’t have to prove that there is no God but that you have time.” I believe he also used the phrase marshmallow Christian. I definitely enjoyed that phrase and I know even more I do not want to be one.
Fusion Meeting was this week and it was very powerful to me. The conversation was just filled with a very very good spirit. It was kind of cool being in that setting. It was dare I say good clean fun. How often have I been apart of that kind of environment? I really felt good energy there and I felt that Fusion and at least for its core leaders is becoming very meaningful. The 2nd meeting of Fusion will be this Saturday at 7pm 123 Elm St Old Saybrook. It is a good time and a great discussion about God.

I heard there is going to be a Haggar store opening in NJ. The Tinton Falls outlet to be exact. I want this store and I deserve this store. I kid…not really. This would bring me back to Jersey and I would be happy as a pig in mud to be back home. I don’t think I will get the store but honestly I don’t know what will happen. Coming back home would just make me cry like a baby and be ecstatically happy. It would be like a negative sign on a pregnancy test….bad joke but still funny.

I feel really good about life. There were a couple of bumps this week but professionally I feel ok and socially I feel ok too. Although Jimmy is going to Dallas….what a bum pick lol. Nah I still love him just not now. The scary thing is my friend who recently came up here said, “Ant your making a life for yourself up here” I told her to be quiet and never say anything like that again lol. I really dislike CT but I mean it has given me a lot and it’s given me a God filled purposed up here. I am trying to fully utilize these opportunities but if I go back home what a blessing that would be.

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