Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pray Pray Pray

My pastor’s statement: "If you are a believer and struggling with a certain sin, it's because you choose to remain in that sin."

My response to this statement I put on his blog.......

There is always a choice no matter what. The true matter is what do we use choose the answer to the question. There are two things, emotion and facts. Everything can be bottled down to those two elements. If I respond with emotion then chances are I am going to continue in that sin. If I respond with fact chances are I will not. Fact is that God has freed us from sin. God tells us we are free. Our emotions do not. Our emotions power, although sometime unrealized, has but a small hold on us. God’s grace is unlimited and it’s ashamed that when faced with temptation we tend to respond with such a limited and narrow view. This was an interesting and thought provoking post. God does give us weapons against sin too. John 5:4-5 "Everyone born of God overcomes the world."

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