Thursday, December 17, 2009

Highliner Drinkin'

My bar in Westbrook is the Highliner. I love that place. It is a classy dive bar. I love all the bartenders and they love me. I just figured its been a while since I had any halfway decent story so I am gonna write about my fav CT bar.

So one night as I was enjoying fine drinks at the HL. I saw one of the Denny's waitresses I had the lovely time of flirting and making outrageously sexed up claims with while I was drunk. She asked Matt T and I if our meal was satisfying and of course I blurt out "Not Sexually!" We hit it off I asked for her number blah blah hit her up once and a while nothing more.

So back to the HL she comes in give me a hug and we talk and thus begins the boozin. We do shots of jameson and talk and having a good time. One of the conversations leads to talking about loving womens breast milk. If you know me I am avid fan of lactating women. She was like Anthony I thought u were a nice guy. She of course has no idea. Later on the eve she sprayed this delicious scent on her breasts and let me motorboat her good times.

I eventually at the end of the evening did prove I was a good guy by following her home as she drove to make sure she got there fine. She knew I was following her. For some reason everyone asks that questions everytime i tell that part of the story. I love the highliner and some good stories do happen there.

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