Monday, March 30, 2009

Hey baby is that Backfat or are your shoulders throwing up?

There are certain parts of the female anatomy that are quite sexy but there is one thing on a woman that is terribly disgusting and mind blowingly horrid. That something is backfat. I'm not talking about the ass of a woman or even some lovehandle action or even a loveable muffintop. The epidemic that i'm describing is a gelatinous formation on the upper back and around the shoulders. Every guy has seen it on at least one girl before while she was wearing a tight shirt or at the club when her shirt clings to her body like a drowning swimmer to a lifeguard. Anybody can see the fat bulging out over the bra strap as it yearns to be free like a Auschwitz prisoner. Even worse than the sight of the backfat is the feel of it. Now we all know i do not mind a shapely woman but their shape shoild not come with a quicksand deathtrap on there body. I do not want to lose my hand while rubbing my hands across her back. Imagine this: grabbing a handful of backfat is like immersing your hands in a bowl of uncooked ground beef and feeling around for something that you will never find. That is backfat. Overall women should do everything they can to reduce backfat and men should avoid the BF at all costs unless you like that kind of nasty shit. I already know women are gonna say but hey Anthony you’re a fat guy urself with probably a mountain chain of backfat on my body. While that may be true you must remember guys can be fat and women simply cant. Takes a rare breed of man to bone a fat chick and my friends I am that breed. Sight below for examples.

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