Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dirty Dirty Craigs List

So its no secret that I am a very crazy individual. From time to time that leads to misadventures and dirty fat sex with strange women. So I put up a craigs list ad seeing what kind of women would respond to these things and bam I got a couple of responses. One woman which shall remain nameless came on strong and I bit. She asked me to come over 2 nights ago to share in a peace blunt. What can I say I am a weak man when it comes to my vices.
So we smoked and it was a delicious time of mental confusion and pure and utter bliss. Next then I know I'm making out with her and licking between the 2nd and 3rd neck roll it tasted of old leather and meat. It was splendid did I mentioned I was high out of my mind. Of course shes like no no we cant have sex within the first 20 mins of knowing each other. At this point I start to play her vagina as a violin and then shes like do you have a condom. I said indeed I do. Then it was on. So after the sha bam put my flip flops on and waddle out.

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